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15 Ways to Fight Back

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical...It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government." - Thomas Jefferson

The storm of rebellion is overdue in America. This drought, driven by complacency and misplaced trust, is at near-fatal levels. Only a little longer, and this nation would wither into the many sands of failed nations. But by divine grace, a storm gathers. And you are that storm.


Whether natural born of many generations or an immigrant freshly ordained, every American inherits a duty. This duty is to defend and preserve liberty. The following are a few of the many ways to exercise this obligation.

As you read, consider your unique abilities and resources and how these might apply to each point. Play to these strengths. How you approach civics doesn't have to fit how you've seen it done before. Remember, individuality is the bedrock of America's strength.


1. Contact Representatives

Local, state, and federal officials are supposed to represent your interests - so you need to communicate your values to them. You can contact them in various ways: email, phone call, letter, in-person dialogue, etc.

When contacting, think about principles of influence. You're more likely to influence a representative at a local or state level than federal. If your representative is progressive, you may need to ask hard questions to show them you are watching. Or communicate how you intend to put them out of a job. Then do it! Maybe influence means hand-writing a letter: don't underestimate the details that show you care.

2. Support Patriots for Office

A politician sees political office as a paycheck: a patriot sees political office as an opportunity to serve their country. By replacing politicians with patriots, conservatives will drive more progress than trying to transform politicians into patriots.

That said, patriots are at a disadvantage in power among our elected offices. They need help fundraising, campaigning, promoting, and developing their platform. Get started by visiting the Liberty List - People and following the candidates endorsed by President Trump, Mike Pompeo, and General Flynn. Then, share their message and get involved in the best way for YOU. And always keep an eye out for outsiders that can shake up politics in favor of We the People.

3. Show Up

Are you attending city council or school board meetings? What decisions are they making for your community? The first step in civic engagement is simply showing up. Then, when you show up, you can take that information back to others that aren't yet engaged: "did you know they're trying to teach our children about X?!". If no one goes, no one knows. And the greater the attendance, the more uncomfortable they'll be implementing radical policies.

Want to make a statement, but not the type to deliver an eloquent and fiery speech? OK! Try simply asking difficult questions. Sit in the front. Wear patriotic apparel. Take notes. Again, please don't underestimate the details that show We the People care.

4. Research Politics

By design, much of the political machine operates in darkness. What votes are they taking in the middle of the night? What obscured financial incentives exist? Which representatives speak one platform and vote for another? Shine a light from the local to the federal level and if you see something, say something!


5. Support Liberty-promoting Organizations

Nonprofit organizations with an array of missions need your support to continue their fight. For anyone with the means, a financial contribution is simple and powerful. Others can promote these organizations on social media. Visit the Liberty List - Organizations for a growing selection of patriot favorites to consider supporting.

6. Buy Right

Ideal: support local small business patriots

Next best: support small business patriots

OK: buy from politically neutral businesses

Avoid: corporations colluding to undermine American values

Every vote flipped in the middle of the night from a Republican to a Democrat is a two-vote difference. Similarly, every dollar you move from an enemy business to a patriot is a two-dollar difference. So fight back with your hard-earned money by supporting those on the Liberty List - Business and avoiding those on the Liberty List - Boycott. Continue checking back for frequent additions to both lists and share more to add (Contact).

7. Say 'No.'

Refuse to shop where masks or proof of vaccination are required. Period.

8. Unplug

How many apps and wifi-connected devices are gathering and selling your data? How many 'entertainment' services are eroding your time and wallet? What social media do you use simply out of conditioning? Technology is a pillar of the attack on America. So unplug, unsubscribe, and uninstall to starve the tech elitists of control and profit from your life.


9. Share Better News

Mainstream media betrayed America. Unfortunately, many are still giving them attention because they lack better alternatives. Conservatives should reach out to friends and family to suggest these alternatives. Visit the Liberty List - Media for a growing collection of America First options. And don't forget to help your older or less technology-savvy family learn how to access and receive updates from these sources easily.

10. Skirt Social Media Censorship

Tech-enable segregation is growing. Your social media connections may not even see your posts due to shadow-banning and other manipulation. Circumvent this by sharing critical information in direct messages. Don't be afraid to connect with progressive friends and family, but remember to stay respectful and influential. Open the door and see how they respond.

11. Inform In Person

For those comfortable, share information in person with family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and strangers. Here are few ideas of the many possibilities - remember to use YOUR strengths!

  • At the grocery store, ask a fellow shopper if they've noticed prices increasing drastically this year.

  • Distribute pamphlets or QR code links around your apartment or neighborhood.

  • Host a documentary viewing (see the Liberty List - Media for options).

  • Talk to other parents at extracurricular events about what's happening in schools.

  • Ask your Bible study group what they think about the cultural deterioration over the past year.

  • See if your coworkers notice how things don't add up for the "pandemic" restrictions and messaging.

12. Connect with Patriots

In the best way for you, connect with fellow conservatives for comradery, support, and idea and information sharing. Try sites like MeetUp, Facebook Groups, or Telegram for leads. Remember to stay safe and make wise decisions about who you connect with, but don't be afraid to gather. Conservatives won't win if everyone is an island.

13. Attend a Rally or Protest

Show your support for the movement and have a great time by attending an organized event. When thousands turn out to events, it forces people to take notice. This, in turn, shatters the narrative that patriots are few. Go a step further and make a creative sign (when allowed) or help organize and promote events. The Liberty List - Other captures a growing list of opportunities.


14. Pray

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." - Mark 11:24

Prayer works. It's a weapon only patriots possess, and our enemy loathes.

15. Prep

Prepping could encompass several of the above and more, to the point that entire books cover the subject. Think of it like this: the enemy wants you dependent and weak. So how can you be independent and strong? Start with near-term priorities and work your way out further and further, whatever that means for you. Patriots prep and patriots win.


Reflect on the above and any other actions you can take to fulfill your duty to preserve liberty. Then, commit to these actions and execute. The life of America depends on the healing rains of the storm. You are that storm.

As you confront tyrants, when you encounter resistance, in your moments of doubt and weakness, remember the weight of this war. Ronald Reagan put it simply:

"If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth."
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