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Launched: Liberty List - Media

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Our second resource, the Liberty List - Media, is live and ready for We the People. This list arms patriots with knowledge and Truth, as well as amplifies conservative-oriented entertainment.


A match can light a torch that illuminates darkness. Or it can light a destructive inferno.

The media wields this same power.

The media can highlight critical issues. It can spread truth and unify the doers of good. Or it can instead poison society with deception and degeneracy.

The story of the United States has been nudged by the tidal effects in the media. From the stoking of patriotism - liberty, morality, and love of country - in times of revolution and strengthening, to gentle misleading toward dark valleys during depression and conflict, the media has always been an enabler.

And those that are awake know the uncomfortable truth of our present, mainstream media. That it breeds deception. It enables evil.

But amidst this darkness, we are still blessed with the torch of truth. The small, but growing, flame of Americans committed to stoking patriotism once more. Never perfect, but intent on servant leadership out of a genuine love of country. These are the warriors of the Liberty List - Media.


From a new podcast for your daily commute, to powerful documentaries to share with friends and family, we aim for this to be an empowering resource. And we invite you to collaborate with us in growing and refining the list. We are always open to suggestions. You can reach us via the Contact page or in a conversation on social media.

So, please, make yourself comfortable (maybe pop some popcorn), dive in, and enjoy better media.

For God and country,


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